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Spiker Lifestyle Holders:

  the colorful, versatile, fun-to-decorate, gotta-have staple for your beach bag, backpack and more! These durable products are proudly made in America and guaranteed for life. . . . where do you spike? . . .

Spiker for the BEACH:

The best way to 

keep your items 

clean and sand-free 

on the beach, 

lakeside or riverbank. The Spikers

are wide enough to accommodate a drink inside a foam

huggy or an oversized water bottle, and they're great for holding sunglasses, phone, snacks and more. Available in a variety of bright colors, the big glossy surface is ideal for personalizing for every occasion or just that perfect day at the beach!

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Spiker for the GARDEN:

It's the *new and improved* way to garden! No green thumb needed when you use the Plant-N-Spike holders for your flowers everywhere. Great for 

new gardeners, renters, window 

boxes, venue decorations, vingette gardens -- and kids love 'em! They're portable and work in everything from sand to snow. 

They look great in solid colors or with paint and vinyl decorations. 

GHERE for more info and photos of Plant-N-Spikes!

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Spiker for the HOME:

Spiker is a season-to-season product -- when you're not enjoying the beach, spike your favorite Spiker between the couch cushions and keep your drinks and snacks close by, stable and spill-free.

Great for kids' juice boxes and tiny toys, cards and game pieces. No more reaching to the coffee table for your drink during the movie -- relax. And support your favorite team during the game with team colors and logos.

Go HERE to see a fun video of the Comfy Couch Coaster!

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