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All year long, let's celebrate!

Something new and unique for your students, teachers, coaches, support staff

and more is the Spiker Lifestyle Holder,

the fun, colorful, gotta-have accessory and coaster for the sand

that holds your drink, suncare, phone, lip balm, keys

and every other essential while keeping it all clean, safe and sand-free.

Everyone's ready for those days, weeks and weekends at the lake or ocean,

and beach-goers everywhere love this durable MADE IN AMERICA

product that's ideal for personalization and solves their sand-in-my-stuff problem :)


in 26 colors

Also available

in 6 colors





at the


Graduation gifts that get the grads ready for the beach! 

Teacher gifts that are simple and fun!

Also ideal for younger students to decorate for the garden with paint pens and give for Mother's Day and other gifts :

Please contact us and let us help​ you plan your

end-of-year-kick-off-summer season!

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