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Thank you, Thank You, Thank YOU

"Beach spikers were perfect! I chose these over other spikers because the plastic is more durable and thicker, not flimsy like other spikers. Shipping was extremely fast! Thanks!!"

"Great for keeping your drinks out of the sand and upright. Also nice to use for things you want to keep handy like your phone, lip balm or whatever. It really is convenient to have a couple when your on the beach."

"I took these to the beach and shared with everyone. My daughter had received a monogrammed similar "spiker" and brought hers along. Her was very flimsy plastic and only had one cone shaped spike to go in the sand. It was very unstable. These spikers are extremely stable no matter what type of beverage, amount, or height. We LOVE them."

"Had a ball personalizing these, giving them, and seeing them in the sand at the beach! Thanks, made several people happy!"

"These were great to use at the beach! We used them to hold everything from drink cans to car keys, cell phones and baby bottles. They worked great, and so handy to have."

"These are a must have for the beach! Bought these for a week in Florida​ and they were the best thing ever! All drinks stayed clean, phones and speaker out of the sand....amazing invention! Got asked several times where I got them!"

"I bought them for my family vacation to the beach. I got them monogrammed for the girls and put the boys names on the others. They turned out so cute. Anyway, they worked great keeping our drinks sand free! They r sturdy and big enough to fit a Cousy around a can or bottle. Great price too!"

"My sister saw these online, so we ordered some for everyone before our last beach vacation. They are one of those "I wish I had thought of that!" items. So simple, but such a great idea! Most beach chairs have a cup holder, but for those times when you are lying on your tummy, or for the kids that don't have their own chair, this is perfect. They are also very sturdy and tended to double and a sand toy :)"

"We struggle with our drinks at the beach and these solved that problem!!! Purchased for the adults but the kids loved them too!!!"

"We purchased these for a recent beach trip. They worked great. I would definitely recommend these for the beach, they were great to keep all of our drinks out of the sand."

"These cup holders are great! I literally ordered them as I was sitting on the beach, after borrowing one from a friend. So functional!"

"Took these to the beach and they did the job! Wish I could get them monogrammed but didn't want to pay the price. However, my 3 year old twins decorated their own with vinyl stickers. They are proud of them....that is all that counts."

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