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We're happy to offer many tools to help you succeed and

get the most from your experience with Spiker.

Our 11x17 Poster helps you showcase all colors to your customers.

Post in your store and display under glass at shows:

Your Authorized Dealer Window Cling shows your customers you carry genuine Spiker products:

The "sand bowl" technique helps customers see many ways to enjoy their Spiker Lifestyle Holders:

The Spiker Lifestyle Holder DVD is looped with our 30-second spot reminding customers to "get your Spiker Lifestyle Holder monogrammed at your local boutique" and you can play the DVD on a monitor in your store:

This spot on FaceBook has more than 2 Million views -- use it on your pages and all social media:

We have 4x6 display cards you can frame and place around for customers to see:

Spiker-designed Prop Cards are an easy way to show more to customers:

Our brochure gives you even more ideas and sales tips:

Need more? Please give us a call: 800.790.5409.

And see ideas for marketing for all occasions here.

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